A buyers agent helps buyers reach their dreams and goals, whether it is for a home, investment property or development site.

A buyers agent acts for the buyer and not the seller, so the buyers agent works to get the buyer the right property on the best terms to avoid you overpaying.

A buyers agent must be licenced to represent a buyer.

So, you having the right buyers agent that goes the extra mile to source and negotiate for you is a great investment.

Whether you are a first home buyer, a seasoned buyer or even a corporate, having a professional that focusses on the business of sourcing, researching and negotiating property purchases provides you with additional perspectives and ways to tackle your desired result.

Furthermore, a buyers agent provides a buffer that can give a buyer anonymity to protect their privacy up until the time a buyer and seller agrees to terms for a contract of sale to be issued.

We have proven that representing a wide cross-section of property buyers from individuals to big companies, that by giving them our unique insights and strategies, that we saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars from either making a bad purchase or negotiating the way they were thinking.

Moreover, we have presented properties to clients that they could not have accessed without us, so that benefits you by having us find other avenues to source you what you want and avoid missing out.

So, whatever level of property buyer you are, you will be so glad you engaged the right one.


We meet with you in person (unless you prefer otherwise or is impractical) to discuss your property wants and desires. Meeting at your current home may give us a better understanding of your style and needs.

Then if we believe that your wants and desires are achievable within your budget, we give you a Statement of Property Details to fill out that outlines all your property preferences. That forms part of the buyer agency agreement required to represent you with respect to sourcing properties and negotiating the purchase price.

With the agreement in place, we utilise our relevant agent and owner contacts to source on and off-market properties that match your property preferences. This way, in many instances, you will be able to see properties that are not available to the general public, giving you more options to choose from and avoid having to compete with the open market. It is like VIP access for you.

To save you from wasting time on inspecting properties that may be unsuitable, we generally inspect properties first to ensure they meet your preferences and to vet them to inform you of the positives and negatives of each property.

Once you want to move forward with a property, we prepare an up-to-date property value estimate and handle the purchase negotiations. So that you know we have specialist skills and knowledge to serve your best interests, to date we have achieved up to 22% off the asking purchase price and where a client wanted our advice on a property they found and wanted, our advice meant they avoided incurring hundreds and thousands of dollars in repair bills.


Every property purchase is different and has its own nuances with that be with the seller, the buyer, the market, the negotiations, emotions and many other variables. So we adapt to the ever-changing conditions to ensure you get the best outcome possible with respect to the best property for your money, the price and any other purchase terms.

For your reference, our negotiations have led to discounts from 7% to 22% from the asking price or price a client was willing to pay.

Note that as each deal varies, it is possible there may be no savings as such, but you will still save time from running around, researching and negotiating and having the work done for you so that you know you have had more property options investigated for you than just those on the market and have peace of mind you got the best property for your money.

To get the ball rolling on finding you a property that meets your wants and desires, there is an engagement fee and then when a contract is executed for a property we assisted you with, there is a success fee. These fees are dependent upon your requirements and thus can only be determined after your property needs, wants and property price range are finalised.

Contact us now to discuss your property needs and let’s see if we are a fit.